If you thought you were going to have to wait until Monday for the haymakers … well, you were wrong! In a couple of nights, we’re going to square off against a team of honorable opponents in Kari, Esther, and Shelley. We’ll be mauling each other over the following question: Openness and sharing in schools is unfair to our kids.

I see Dani has already come in with an opening salvo.

Oh no! Here comes McGurran with an early jab!


Dave the psychic uses a team of internet research experts to trick participants into believing he is psychic. This was some time ago, in 2012, but the example is pertinent. It serves as a sort of cautionary tale that the information and images we post online are indeed out there to be seen and potentially manipulated to nefarious ends.

As Dani said in her own pre-debate potshot, the internet is an incredibly connected place. Our actions in this incredibly connected internet have very real implications on our real life. I might even go so far as to say that the internet is the real world. Treating the internet as something different, where real world considerations do not apply, is a risky proposition. What we say, do, and share can come back to bite us in the future, sometimes in ways that we could never have imagined…

Yes, the world is a scary place, and we obviously can’t insulate ourselves from all the dangers out there. Not without sacrificing all the good that we get from everything we do online (and there is a lot of good). But we had better be mindful of what we are doing, especially when it comes to sharing on behalf of our students…

Looking forward to Monday evening!

Kari, Ether, Shelley …. scared … ?





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